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Quick Disconnect System (Optical Battle Packs AR15 - M16)

Military precision - Incorporating American Design, Engineering and Manufacturing at its Best! 

Designed for Military style heavy-duty use and abuse, ultimate speed, with a guaranteed

increase in user-frendliness and ultimate accuracy!

HITECH QD Type-1 system on AR15, 8 X 42 Battle Pack

Pic from US Soldiers in Combat zones
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Configuration options
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Our 1000 yard rifle range and proving grounds 
Video of Battle Pack in action
HITECH Optical Systems are Patented and/or Patent Pending!

U.S.A. Workmanship and Quality at its Best ! 
The most accurate optical system in the world for the AR15 / M16 family of rifles !

Technically superior,  HITECH  Optical Systems offer patented performance unmatched by others!  Shooters who want ultimate pin-point accuracy can now utilize the most advanced - most stable - most accurate optical system in the world to accomplish the task.  Shown above, our  patented design functions flawlessly on all AR15 and M16 rifles and carbines. Package includes our HITECH riflescope of choice installed with our HITECH QD Mount (Fastest Quick Disconnect and most stable mount ever designed)   Package includes video instructions (with tips and tricks) - A 1000 yard trajectory map - A 1000 yard range finding map.  Comes pre assembled as shown above and fits all AR-15 and M-16 platforms perfectly with a Lifetime Warranty. 

FREE - Ballistic and trajectory software included in the package.  ( Same software we use at  DC Engineering for design testing & development )
Copyrighted -  Range finding and trajectory maps produced by our company are also included package.  
Top 10 reasons why  HITECH  Battle Pack -  Optical Systems are Superior:

 1.   Manufactured by our company in Michigan.  (Made in the USA)

A Patented design with optical technology second to none.
Maintains less than 1/2 minute of angle accuracy Guaranteed - (less than 1/2 inch groups @ 100 yards)
 3.   Fastest "out of the box" system in the world.
 4.   Simply slides on and locks down for ultimate utility.
 5.   Re-zero repeatablity for QD - taken on and off is less than 1/8 MOA.
 6.   Lowest riflescope profile in the world when used on flat tops.
Ultimate fore-and-aft positioning on any Picatinny rail design.
Instant See thru View - to iron sights if ever needed.
All Battle Pack Optical Systems are tested just before shipping from our factory to assure 100% satisfaction.
Through the same hole shots are easy - with optical performance and targeting capability that would be
       hard to accomplish with iron sights, red dots or reflex sights in the same amount of time.
Comes Complete ! 
Complete Optical System includes everything needed for a flat top and/or carry handle model AR15 or M16 - Includes Battle Pack Optics - preassembled with QD Mount - fully inspected and tested - ready for accuracy duty - straight out of the box!   (Battle Packs come 100% complete) 
Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor
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- Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are currently serving, or have served, in any branch of the US Armed Forces -  
Special Discount Programs are available to Retired or Active Duty First Responders and Military - Thank You!

AR15 / M16 HITECH - Products      (Click on Product Decription or Product# to see Sale pricing or to order)
Battle Packs:  Product Description :
Product # 
Battle Pack 8 x 42 AR Battle Pack (Optical System)
Best for Ultimate - Long Range and Precision Bench Resting. (100% Complete Battle Pack)
Battle Pack 6 x 42 AR Battle Pack (Optical System)
Best for Wide Field - on Multiple and Moving Targets. (100% Complete Battle Pack)
Battle Pack 3x9x42 AR Battle Pack (Optical System)
Used for Variable Magnifications. (100% Complete Battle Pack)
Night Sight Battle Pack TNS Battle Pack (Battle Pack Night Sight)
Fully Adjustable and Incorporates all Tactical Options. (100% Complete Battle Pack)
Accessory Patented HITECH Laser Light System
(Battle Pack Accessory)
Accessory Patented HITECH Light System
Light System less Laser. (Battle Pack Accessory)
Battle Pack Patented HITECH Red Dot System with Laser
(100% Complete Battle Pack)
Battle Pack Patented HITECH Red Dot System
Red Dot System less Laser. (100% Complete Battle Pack)
Replacement Parts: 
The following items are listed as replacements & are included in the packages listed above: 

Type1 Parts Kit
Complete spare parts kit including levers, wrenches, bolts and instructions
$ 55.00 

Under Rail
For QD Mount or T.G. Rings
$ 44.00 

AR15 / M16 True Grip rings
Used for Optional NON-Quick Disconnect System (Not listed above)
$ 38.50 
HITECH   QD Mounts - without riflescope: 

6 Point Scope Mount (QD TYPE 1)
(Please call for applications other than HITECH Systems)

4 Point Scope Mount
(QD lighting & for short scopes under 8" long)
$ 150.00 
HITECH   Riflescopes: 

8 x 42 Battle Pack Scope Only   ( LL - TF - MC - NF - LLR - OPH - WP - MS SC0138  

6 x 42 Battle Pack Scope Only   ( LL - TF - MC - NF - LLR - OPH - WP - MS )   SC0139  

3x9x42 Battle Pack Scope Only  ( LL - TF - MC - NF - LLR - OPH - WP - MS )   SC0137  

Optical Key: 
  • LL  = low light gathering 
  • TF  = Military non-reflective finish 
  • MC  = multi-coated 
  • NF  = nitrogen filled 
  • LLR = low light reticule (low light bracketing system) 
  • OPH = one piece dynamic 1" diameter housing 
  • WP  = water proof 
  • MS  = Mil. Spec. 
  • All orders are shipped within 72 hours from our factory in  Michigan. 
  • All orders are shipped fastest way with guaranteed delivery - fully insured. 
  • All orders are confirmed to you via email with confirmation and tracking. 
(Click on Product Description above to see Sale price or to order.)
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are currently serving, or have served, in any branch of the US Armed Forces -
Special Discount Programs are available to Retired or Active Duty First Responders and Military - Thank You!

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