Superior Products and Ultimate Support !

Our obsession with perfection is obvious and our customer support is second to none.


DC Engineering  is Customer Progressive!  , thus as a company we have the highest amount of satisfied
customers per products shipped in the firearms industry and work extremely hard to keep it that way!

How we accomplish this task:

All DC Engineering products are the ultimate in quality and workmanship.

All DC Engineering products are Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life.

All  DC Engineering products are pre fitted, pre inspected, and pre tested by our gunsmith staff.
Then certified by at least one company engineer just prior to shipping to assure our customers
a perfect fit and flawless function.

If you are one of our thousands of satisfied Customers - you already know how important your business is to us
and we thank you for your continuing patronage and support!

If you are new to DC Engineering  -  We promise to do everything humanly possible to support you and
fulfill your needs!

We welcome you as a new member of our Customer Progressive organization and Thank You for becoming
a vital component of our team!

Our Retail Customer Return Policy is as follows:

Our Retail Customer Return Policy is as follows:

1. In all instances customers may return any merchandise within 90 days of purchase.
    (90 days after receipt of product ordered by internet or by phone)

2. Customer also agrees to return product to the address which is printed on the receipt accompanying the

3. Customer will be reimbursed for shipping back to our company in all instances on any items being
    returned for repair, replacement,  exchange, or in the event it is determined by the customer that the
    product is not needed.   On request we will send a prepaid shipping container to you for return of
    merchandise purchased.

4. Customer has 90 days to return items for a full refund and / or replacement of any of our products that
    are covered by the Lifetime Warranty.  We take care of all the shipping charges involved.
    (All our products come with a Lifetime Warranty.)

5.  Products can be returned at any time for repair, replacement, or exchanged for upgrading at
     anytime to the original buyer. (Please keep your original receipt shipped with the product -
     otherwise please call.)


Our Retail Exchange Policy is as follows:

1. Items returned for exchange will be processed without any charge to customer including no shipping charges back to customer
    within the United States.

Our Retail Upgrading Policy is as follows:

1. Upgrading is also available on many items and is offered for a nominal fee with discounting well below list price.

Our Retail Repair Policy is as follows:
Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor on defective merchandise or merchandise that needs repair.
(Company reserves the right  to replace product with newer merchandise if repair is not possible or needs to be updated.)