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 HITECH SKS Mags make the Difference

We hope this will end the confusion about SKS high capacity mags
and why indeed our mags are far superior than the rest. 

One reason our SKS mags are the ultimate mag is that each mag is fitted and feed tested,
(live fire tested), for the exact type of SKS rifle you order it for ! 

(All we need to know is what country the rifle was made in and what type of rifle stock you are going to use.)

(You submit this info to us at Check out)

Our mag manufacturing  process is not complex and  there is no "black art" involved.
 Our understanding of the SKS rifle is based on decades of experience
we have acquired on a day to day basis at our company making SKS mags.

Here are the facts:

1.  We have developed a number of design and manufacturing techniques that are
far superior than the run of the mill plastic and/or spot welded steel mags that are out there!

2. All of our mags are extraordinarily well tested and all our designs are patented or patent pending.

3.  Each and every mag that leaves our company is fully tested for the exact  type
of SKS rifle it is going to be used on with no exceptions to this rule.

4.  We don't use plastic. And use only the highest quality steel which is made in the U.S..
Our mags are 100% all steel including the spring and follower.

5.  Our company has put a stop to FIT and FEED  problems and each
and every SKS mag we produce comes with a Warranty for life!

6. All our mags are manufactured at our factory in Michigan by people 
who live in Michigan, all of  whom are  U.S. Citizens!

 What other company can make any of  the above statements ?

HITECH SKS Magazine:

Video instructions come with each order placed. 
So simple anyone can do it with no gunsmithing in minutes!

Click Here For Video Of Mag Engaging

HITECH 37 Rd mag installed on rifle without riflestock

Please note that the rifle in the above configuration is fully operational
but also note we do not recommend it being fired without your riflestock

HITECH 37 rd Mag installed with adapter

Once you install your riflestock, (That takes about 10 seconds) your SKS
rifle is ready for any type of hi cap mag action!  Functioning flawless like
it should and holding the bolt open on the last round fired!

HITECH Adapter In the SKS Rifle ready to accept our mag !

Removal of the adapter is accomplished by using the allen wrench
we provide with the adapter and simply takes seconds to install.

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Many Other Sizes Available Including HITECH Flat Side...