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Although mighty big (55 Caliber) and originally developed as an anti-tank rifle -
the Russian built PTRS- 41 is the predecessor of the SKS rifle.

In 1938, Simonov designed the PTRS-41, a magazine fed, semi automatic anti-tank rifle.

The PTRS-41 fired a 14.5 mm (55 Caliber) armor-piercing bullet which had a muzzle velocity of 1012 m/s (3350 ft. per sec.)
It could penetrate an armour plate up to 40mm thick (1.574 inches) at a distance of 100 metres (110 yards).

The original version of the PTRS-41 sported a carrying handle, bipod,  5 round clamshell magazine, and a
very large muzzle brake compensator up front.

Notice rifle being fired as a single shot (missing magazine)  and also notice scope mount bracket
at dust cover area with riflescope missing!

Above image from the book - Palestine "A Photographic Journey" by George Baramki Azar

Russian infantry using the PTRS-41 against German targets in World War II
A two-man operation because of the overall weight of the rifle.

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