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Riflemen like yourself, are saying great things about the HITECH AR15/M16 optical systems!

The following is just a sample:



“…upon receiving the equipment (QD type 1 mount and scope), I mounted it
on an AR-15 carbine test fired boresighted and zeroed the scope to this
weapon. The scope and mount functioned flawlessly, was easy to mount and
bring to a precise zero @ 100 yd. Over the course of my testing the
sight and mount have been removed from the under rail repeatedly and has
never changed point of impact more than ½ MOA, which was the extreme.
Normal result was same point of impact."

"The system was placed on an issue M4A1 carbine and subjected to 5
airborne operations, (4 static line jumps @1250 ft above ground level,
[AGL] and 1 high altitude low opening, [Jump], @ 9000 ft AGL. The scope
and mount were removed from the under rail, which remained on the
weapon; the scope and mount were then wrapped in 1 towel and placed in
the jumper’s ruck sack. After each jump the system was again test fired.

No change in point of impact was detected, nor was any damage to scope.
One exception to this was in the case of the [Jump] drop the scope was
carried on the jumper’s person, received full impact of the landing,
rolled on by the jumper and survived intact and of course functioned

1. Range Performance:
a. Adjustment controls: Excellent
b. Reticule: Clear and sharp
c. Return to zero performance: Excellent
d. Optics: Clear, no fogging excellent.
2. Field Performance:
a. Reliability: Scope is rugged and will take a good deal of abuse.

Source from a Internet discussion forum:

I decided that the Hitech rig was exactly what I was looking for for my new Colt.  When I called to set up delivery, they were polite and courteous. Arrived in three days. Installation was a snap, it took about two minutes. Most of that time was spent rereading the instructions because I couldn't believe it was so easy. I think it is a good looking rig, perfect for the Colt. Optics are very clear, groups less than an inch. I would highly recommend the company and the product.

Source from a Internet discussion forum:

I can't imagine one being better. I set it up QD2 style. I like that it has a very low profile, Cheek weld is perfect and still able to use the iron sights - big plus for me! Takes only seconds to mount or remove the scope. It holds excellent zero after several installation and removals. I also like that the same mount will work on both the handle and flat top. Excellent finish, materials and engineering.

Source from a Internet discussion forum:

It arrived three days after the order was placed. It appeared to be about as I expected cosmetically - milspec looking - robust and well designed. It installed very easily. After removing and replacing the scope it's easy to see how it retains zero when remounting. But, alas, the proof is in the pudding so I went to the range to sight in.

I mounted mine to the handle with the "under-rail" dead level with the handle. the scope required about a full turn in elevation and about a half turn in windage to be at roughly the same POA as the battle sight. I skipped my usual 25 yard confirmation shot and went straight to 100 yards. First five shots (Winchester white box 55gr ball) went into about an inch cluster, 1 1/2" high and 1" left of center. Moved 4 clicks right and next 5 were 3/4" group, 1 1/2" high, dead center - the 1/4 minute clicks are EXACTLY that! The instructions said to sight in dead on at 100 yards to take advantage of the scopes range compensation features (known crosshair dimensions and expected POI locations) but I prefer to be dead on at 200 and trust my own judgement. The 1 1/2" high at 100 should be almost there at 200 yards so I moved the target out.

I took more time at 200 and all went well till the fifth shot (a called flyer due to forcing the break - I jerked the damn trigger!) Although I couldn't see the bullet holes through the scope I called "high" on that last shot and my spotter confirmed it. Results?? Four shots in a 1" (measured 15/16") group EXACTLY 3/4" high and dead center windage with the fifth shot another 1" high and 5/8" left. Group size, including called flyer, is 2 1/8" at 200 yards. I moved 1 click down and screwed the caps on!

Bowling pins at 200 yards became BORING so I packed up and came home.

HITECH - I recommend it!

Source from the DCE  bulletin board:

Your mount and 8x42 scope is the ultimate!!!!!!!

Source from a Internet discussion forum:

I'm glad to see another satisfied Hitech user.
I've had mine for about 6 months now, and my shooting results have improved dramatically!

I think this is an excellent product.

Source from the DCE  bulletin board:


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