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HITECH Don't go anywhere without it!

No modifications or gunsmithing necessary or required.

FREE SKS Mag Adapter included with purchase!

Lifetime Warranty

All HITECH SKS Mags are made from 100% high grade steel.
( No plastic or other cheap material of any kind is used in our mags)

Also,  all HITECH mags are prefitted and tested at our factory in Michigan in the
exact type of SKS rifle you order them for. (Russian, Romanian, Chinese, and/or Yugoslavian)

(Please specify Russian, Romanian, Yugo, or Chinese SKS when ordering)
(You submit this information at Check out)

If unsure what type of rifle you have - just give us a call !

Go to # 45 on SKS Cart or give us a call !

Which mag do you really want to use in your SKS rifle?

Mag pictured above - on left side - is the HITECH 37 Round Detachable Mag

The "other mag" pictured is not.

HITECH Mag (left) - a patented design - can hold up to 37 rounds and is more compact.

"other mag" is bigger in size and holds less rounds - sometimes only 30 rounds.

HITECH Mags incorporate windows for loaded rounds at 5 and 30 rounds on both sides.

"other mag" has no windows.

HITECH Mags need no forward extension welded to mag to fit an SKS rifle.

"other mag" has long extension "duckbill" spot welded on.

HITECH Mags have a Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

"other mag"  is sold sometimes with no warranty at all.

HITECH Mags are made in Michigan using the finest "Detroit" steel - 100% all steel.

"other mag" can be made of plastic or have some plastic parts internal.

HITECH Mags install in seconds using a patented  self adjusting
"Detroit" all steel adapter that stays integrated
to the rifle.  (free adapter included with purchase)

"other mag" must always be installed and taken out with extension "duckbill" on it.

HITECH Mags are seamless "TIG"  welded for ultimate strength.

"other mag" is "spot" welded to accomplish the same.

Which mag do you really want to use in your rifle?

The "other mag" (sometimes a re-manufactured used AK 47 mag!) 
has a long extension and feed lips spot welded to the top of a "cut" mag 
to fit the SKS rifle.  "other mag" can be made of plastic in the  "duckbill" style 
and/or have plastic parts internal. The "other mag" can require fitting.

HITECH Mags are billet - all steel mags - that use no forward extension to fit
the SKS rifle - and utilizes a very strong self adjusting adapter that installs instantly
into the magazine well area to accept the HITECH mag with absolutely no gunsmithing!
All HITECH mags hold the bolt open on the last round fired.

All HITECH Mags work flawlessly and work with stripper clips if used.

HITECH Mags are a Patented Design !

All HITECH Mags have a Unlimited Lifetime Warranty!

A limited supply is still available in 15, 20, 30, 37, and 60 round HITECH SKS Detachable Mags - while they last!
     5 and 10 round detachable mags are also available.

All high capacity magazines are Pre-Ban and are 100% legal to own, buy, sell, use and trade.

  Only 10 round fixed mags can be shipped to California.
  No magazines over 15 rounds can be shipped to New Jersey.
  No magazines over 20 rounds can be shipped to Maryland.
No magazines over 30 rounds can be shipped to Ohio.
No magazines will be shipped out of the U.S.A.

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Special discounts offered to FFL Dealers - Active and Retired US Military -
Active and Retired Law Enforcement - NRA Members

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