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Patented innovation and astonishing performance

The red dot integrates to the direct line of sight for incredibly fast and accurate shooting.

See-thru view and more images

 (Part# ARDOT223)
(Now upgraded to the full military version)

Utilizing the most versatile system in the world for the AR15 / M16 family of rifles. 
 One more fine accessory addition to complement our patented HITECH Quick Disconnect Optical Systems .
This system allows riflemen the ultimate quick change from long range optics to projected lit reticule
 for closer ranges on multiple and/or faster moving targets. 

The system incorporates the super low profileedot sighting optic which allows the shooter to keep both eyes open 
while operating under the lowest or for that matter the brightness of lighting conditions - Day or night !
As a result of the low profile of the unit and projected red dot -the dot just seems to float in mid 
air!  This visual enhancement allows for incredibly fast and accurate shooting!

Shown above on the AR15 - The system features quick detach with instantaneous and absolute rezero as 
well as total See-thru to your irons.  Unit functions flawlessly on any make or model AR15 and M16 rifle or carbine 
(including all flat tops and handle models).

 All Instructions plus a Life Time Warranty on all parts and labor !  Package includes everything you need for your 
AR15 or M16 except the firearm.  Comes preassembled shown above and virtually fits them 
all including Colt and all other variants !

  Fastest "out of the box assembly" system in the world.
  Lowest profile system in the world for AR15 / M16 rifles.
  Patented design that is now considered a world standard.
Fully adjustable for brightness, windage and elevation.
Maintains accuracy that will impress the best of riflemen!

  All systems are shipped pre-assembled from our factory to assure you 100% satisfaction .
  Totally Unobstructed See thru View - to  iron sights for left & right shooting as well as "coming over the hill shots".

Complete Package includes everything needed  for a flat top and/or carry handle model AR15/M16 -
Includes special low profile edot sighting system  pre-assembled and fully inspected - and ready for use -
    Shipped United Parcel Service - Guaranteed Delivery - Fully Insured
Just give us a call and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff...

(One of the only companies in the world that pre assembles optics to mounts and pre-collomates directly from the factory)

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