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The Inventor's Corner

          "Attack every problem with enthusiasm - as your survival may depend on it." 
               "In the world of small arms, second chances are a indeed - rare!"

( PC Martel 1s the original "Dream Team" design leader at the company and is the inventor of  no less than eight primary firearm related U.S. Patents ) 

A Brief Description of  - Optical Tactical Pack Systems by PC Martel (Inventor of the system)

The Fastest Most Dead-On Optical Targeting System in the World!

Marked design advantage / Ultimate accuracy;
The marked advantage of my patented vertical split bridged system is ultimate accuracy - regardless of which configuration is used. All units shipped from the factory come preassembled and pre tested in the Type 1 configuration - as this is the most popular! - As an option the shooter can retrofit to any other configuration at any time with the additional parts included in the package. On request, the factory will setup in any configuration requested and still include additional parts for all others. 

All in one design configuration; 
(All units are shipped with necessary components to set up into 3 additional configurations)
Type 3 QD (Quick disconnect) System , a third generation design - can now be used without locking levers on all AR15 or M16 designs.   This is what is unique about the Type 3.   It's function is so simple - that it takes less than five seconds to engage the entire scope and mount to the under rail, and the rifle is ready to fire.   I might add that this design is the fastest and also the most accurate QD system in the world as tested against all others on the market.   As an option - you also have the ability on Type 3 to install lever handles (included) which when used in this Type 1 configuration - provides for a double locking setup.   Although, the double locking setup is not necessary for proper function - locking lever use is completely optional and provides for a more tamper-proof setup.   When used as a "key" system ( Type 2 ), it is completely tamper-proof and only the "key holder" can remove the scope and reinstall it instantly. 

As a fourth option - user can override all QD features and lock the system down permanently, as some tactical applications may call for this. 

Modular and Retrofit elements are the key points of this design;
The modular design concept is a critically important part of my invention. Optical systems can be retrofitted to all existing configurations right "out of the box" as all units come complete to configure instantly to any set-up you may have on your rifle.

A Dramatic gain in accuracy is absolutely;
The dynamic function of this design beyond speed of use,  is the dramatic increase in accuracy!   This ultimate accuracy is above and beyond all others designs available anywhere in the world and the difference is dramatic!   Incorporating more speed and accuracy than ever devised, produced, or manufactured by any company or anyone - anywhere in the world for the M16 and A15 family of rifles!

(For additional data concerning theory and function see SLT and  Patent Information.)

Instant integration of devices such as night optics, targeting lasers, high intensity lighting systems, plus short and long range optics are immediately available and will fully integrate with my design. 

The use of my design is well defined in theory and in function! I know you will appreciate the dedicated work that has gone into it. Total user friendly operation with extreme accuracy and ultimate reliability - turn-key style!      

Your comments and support are always welcomed! 

On another slightly different subject matter - please consider the following: 

As a personal favor to me - If you haven't already joined the National Rifle Association please do so now!   If you are already a supporting member please sign up someone who isn't.   All law abiding firearm owners could be, and should be NRA members right now.   Thank You!

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