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 MOSIN NAUGET -  CHINESE  M 1955  (cal 7.62 x 54) Carbine with side folding bayonet -  Totally Mint and Unfired -  Purchased originally for its rarity and over all mint condition.  Except for annual oiling this beauty has been sitting in our vault for over a decade.  This rifle was produced after World War II in China by the Russian controlled armory in China in the late fifties.  Its is modeled after the Russian variant M 1944 carbine.  The over all condition looks to be unfired and is the best we have ever seen!  This M 1955 is complete and totally functional.  It has "1955" stamped on the chamber and has a side folding bayonet attached.  The blueing is very rich  and absolutely perfect!  A fine example of true quality and workmanship!  A  very collectable rifle!  Chambered in  7.62 x 54.  Lucky bidder will be extremely happy with this piece!

  Will ship to to your favorite Firearms Dealer in United States only ! - (Signed copy of FFL Required !) - Satisfaction Guarantied !   Our three day inspection on all items policy guaranties customer satisfaction !  All items are shipped United Parcel Service - Insured -  with tracking  number.  We pay for shipping and insurance to and from your location and make all arrangements for pick-ups and delivery via United Parcel Service.  Customer pays a very small percentage of total total sale price on returns only - 3%  no exceptions!


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