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Luger - 9mm -  Two Luger P.08 pistols in one!   Mauser BYF Code "41"  (Ser. # 29x)  4 inch barrel - has all the normal military proofs and is perfect!  Not your average rework or the recent junk you may have seen out there.  All numbers match on upper and lower to Ser. # 29x except for mag.  Original wood grips are very nice with next to no smoothing.  This Luger also comes with a DWM  8 inch artillery barrel and upper (dated 1917 with Ser. # 897x) which will interchange.  Looks like frame on Mauser BYF was expertly reblued and the upper was untouched - both are mint!  This was probably done to match the nicely done reblued 1917 DWM artillery upper - shown installed in photo.  Bores on both uppers are extremely fine and show no appreciable wear.  Everything is extremely pristine, minty and totally functional!  All proofs and markings on both pieces are very readable and sharp.  Photo shows artillery upper installed which just takes a minute or so to interchange. Comes with one Luger steel mag (aluminum base).  Over the years we have collected only the best of the best - and this Luger is in that category!  Don't let this one get away!  New owner will be extremely happy with this rare and beautiful piece!
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APPRAISED VALUE  $  1,850.00

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