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Patented Innovation and American Workmanship at its Best ! 

PS0136  3X9X42  AR15/M16  (Tactical Pack)
Used for variable magnification

       The most accurate optical system in the world for the AR15 / M16 family of rifles. 
       Technically superior,  HITECH  Optical Systems offer patented performance unmatched by all others! 
Riflemen who want pin-point accuracy can now use  the most advanced - most stable - most accurate system in the world to accomplish this goal - unconditionally guaranteed!  Shown below on the AR15 - This patented design functions flawlessly on all makes and models.  All AR15 and M16 - rifles or carbines (including all flat top target and handle variants)

       Package includes HITECH scope ( with Low Light Bracketing)  - HITECH   QD Mount 
(Fastest and most stable in the World)  - Under Rail attachment (most stable) to instantly mount to an AR15 or M16 handle (Under Rail not used on flat top configurations)  - All instructions - Two 500 yard range finding maps
(Used with 6 and 8 Power settings).  All Instructions plus a Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor

Package includes everything  you optically need for your AR15 or M16.  Comes preassembled as shown above and virtually fits them all including Colt and all other brand name variants ! 

       ( same software we use at  HITECH   for engineering design & development ) 


 Instant re-zero (1/8 " re-zero at 100 meters).
 Simply slides on and locks down, re-zeros right on!
Patented design with optical technology second to none. 
 Fastest "out of the box assembly" system in the world.
 Lowest profile system in the world for AR15 / M16 rifles.
  Retracting levers for 360 degree positioning. (Very fast and very user friendly!)
  Optical Unit preassembled with QD Mount - fully inspected and certified
ready for accuracy duty - straight out of the box!  (Tactical Pack) 
 Unobstructed see thru view of iron sights for left & right shooting as 
well as "coming over the hill shots".
 Maintains less than 1/2 minute of angle accuracy at 100 yards/meters - 
Guaranteed - (Through the same hole shots are easy!)

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