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AK47 -  Egyptian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Yugoslavian and all other variants - 
Fits them all PERFECTLY ! 

 COMPLETE  with HITECH  6 x 42  Scope.  All New in Box! 
This is absolute - Your AK can now shoot sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards with this system and we can guarantee it!  Shown below on the AKS 47 this very same rifle without any modifications other than the simple installation of the patented HITECH Scope and Mount and special lock down bracket (shown at rear of mount) shoots sub 1 inch 3 shoot groups all day long!  Package works EXTREMELY WELL on any make or model AK except those with side folding or under folding stocks. 

Package includes the following:
HITECH  6 x 42 Low Light Scope ( with Low Light Bracketing) - HITECH patented rings - A 500 yard trajectory
map - A 500 yard range finding map.  All Instructions plus a Life Time Warranty on all parts and labor !  Package includes
everything you need for your AK except the rifle. Comes pre assembled as shown below and virtually fits them all !

Very fast and very user friendly!
Sub - 1 inch 3 shot groups guaranteed !
Lowest profile system in the world AK's
Simple procedure locks unit down for no wiggle !
 Fastest "out of the box assembly" system in the world.
  Patented design that is quickly becoming the world standard.
When packaged with tactical scope as shown above  - units are pre assembled at our factory.
 Unobstructed see thru view of iron sights for left & right shooting as well as "coming over the hill shots".
 Maintains less than 1 minute of angle accuracy at 100 yards/meters - Guaranteed - (Through the same hole shots are easy!)

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