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Antique Remington Rolling Block - Cal. 50/70 - "New York Contract"  or Remington Experimental"  - Barrel length 36" -  Very fine condition - Very nice even golden brown patina with no worn spots. This is a fully functional breach loading firearm of circa 1871.  Has three line Remington marking and patent dates on tang.  Reads first line " REMINGTONS ILION  N.Y.  U.S.A." - Second line - " PAT.  MAY 3rd  NOV 15th 1864 APRIL 17th 1866"  - Third line - "AUG 27th  1867   NOV 7th  1871".   Three barrel bans and rear sling swivel attached to action. Extremely high, curved hammer spur: thumb lever for breech block protrudes outward with  locking action (returns to half cock when breech is closed).  Barrel has inspector markings and is numbered " 23  s "  on left side near action - " V " above "HP" on barrel under rear barrel band area  -  "25" above "H" above "F" stamped at top of butt plate  (unit marking) - all barrel bands marked "B"  -  Patent date of "FEB 1866"  on both sling swivels - Rear sight adjustable in increments of 1 2 3 4 hundred yard markings - the letter "R" stamped on left side of action.  This rifle is in very excellent shape!  Wood is in excellent condition with cartouche left and right on wrist/grip area of stock . All metal parts are in perfect working condition. Rifle bore is excellent as well. This one is a keeper and new owner will be real happy with this original Remington Rolling Block!


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