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SKS - Totally Incredible Scope and Mount System.   This is not the cheap imported junk you sometime
see in the market place that doesn't work  - This is American ingenuity at its best !   The most
Dynamic Optical Sighting System in the World for the SKS Rifle or Carbine !   An incredible 
design that starts with perfection  and  ends  with state of the art performance ! 
Sportsmen can now achieve pin-point accuracy with the most advanced - 
most accurate - most stable -  totally removable without 
upsetting zero system in the world for the SKS ! 

Shown below on a sporterized SKS - unit works extremely well on any make or model SKS
 rifle  or  carbine  (including all Russian and Chinese models).  Package includes the HITECH 
Variable 3 to 9 power  riflescope  with  a  healthy  42 mm objective out in front !   HITECH 
Sporting Scopes are perfect for a wide range of targets  including  hunting  environments 
where optical clarity is a must.   Also included is the famous D.C. Engineering Side Rail
 Mount   (The most stable in the World!)  --   with its unique patented no wiggle design -
allowing for instant  see-thru to  the fixed sights for up close shooting - and has shell 
deflection built in !  Riflescope comes pre-assembled  and pre zeroed onto mount 
at our factory so rifleman can mount to any SKS rifle or carbine and 
instantly be on paper !

Package includes everything you need for your SKS except
the rifle.  Comes pre-assembled as shown below and virtually fits them all !
No Gunsmithing required !

  Simply replaces standard SKS dust cover !
Fastest "out of the box" assembly system in the world !
Patented design holds true for a - No rocking - No wiggle fit !
Instant See-thru to iron sights. (Very fast and very user friendly !)
The only one piece shell deflection design in the World for the SKS !
 Can be taken off at any time and instantly reinstalled with no loss of zero !
Maintains less than 1 1/2 minute of angle accuracy at 100 yards/meters - Guaranteed !
 When ordered as a package with  our riflescopes - units are pre-assembled at our factory.
All instructions plus a Life Time Warranty on all parts and labor !

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