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European Sword bayonet - of very good detail (Circa 1850 to 1872) Blade 23 inches long with perfect blade except at the end which has a minor amount of pitting on 1 inch of tip - Pommel and guard of brass  -  This is a totally authentic Sword bayonet of the period and has all the original fittings that would configure to a rifle of the time period (Probably for a French Chessepot) -  Blade is a very impressive - bright tempered steel  -  Very shiny and smooth but never polished ( Photos do absolutely no justice to blade - it's truly fantastic looking) Guard is stamped with serial number and blade is stamped near guard - also has an inspector's mark stamped on blade as well as one other spot on guard - Also along spine of blade near guard is inscribed with the words "St Etienne 8 bre 1872" - Bright tempered steel blade is of the heavy design and has very deep fuller (blood gutter) - over all near  perfect condition. Scabbard is in perfect shape and is not numbered. This sword bayonet  is perfect in every way except minor pits as described above. A very valuable collectors piece!


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