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Rare Percussion target file in 44 Cal.

Lewis Devendorf New York State heavy bench rest target rifle c. 1850

This is a percussion target rifle in 44 cal. - Circa 1850 made by "L. Devendorf" "Cedarville" Devendorf was a known maker of fine target rifles used in organized long range competition during
 the 1800's  This rifle was built on a "Remington Cast Steel" barrel which measures 34 inches and
 is probably one of the earliest know example of Remington's target barrel work. The overall
 condition of the rifle is fair as it shows its age from honest wear and tare from many a
thousand  yard competitions gone by. The rifle comes in at a whopping eleven
pounds and the barrel is still clean and shows good rifleing with
nice even dark brown patina throughout!

Appraised  Value $ 3200.00




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