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COLT AR15 SP1 Rifle with HITECH  8x42 Optical Tactical Pack 
Another Beautiful Colt  SP1 Rifle, purchased new by our company - for testing our HITECH Optical Equipment but never fired!  Extraordinarily well keep over the years in our vault and is in mint condition.
The serial number on this rifle is six digits which makes it a preban with all the goodies, including 
flashhider, bayonet lug, no block, and a 20 rd magazine - All manufactured by Colt!

Recently fitted with our HITECH 8x42  QD (quick disconnect) Optical Tactical Pack  - truly a perfect combination! 
This all Original Colt SP1 is more than capable of holding sub 1" groups at 100 yards/meters
and is ready to go! 

This Colt SP1 is professionally fitted with the following: 

  - HITECH 8x42 Optical Tactical Pack PS0138 - 
(Featuring HITECH patented Optics - QD (quick disconnect) 
producing ultimate accuracy and performance!) 
 Plus HITECH Lifetime Warrantee on rifle and optics! 
 This rifle is all business! 

Appraised Value $ 2450.00




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