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The Home of  HITECH

Iranian flintlock with Farsi Inscription Dated 1784 A.D. 

This beautiful Flintlock musket is Iranian that is dated with the Arabic year of 1199 A.H.
inscribed in silver inlay on the barrel. This converts to the Christian date of 1784 AD.  Additional
inscriptions in silver inlay along barrel translates overall in Arabic to:
" I am fighting for the sake of God and my faith and with his help I can defeat my enemies".

 The 60 caliber barrel is 50 inches long and the overall length is 66 inches . The stock is inlaid
with "bone and stone" in a floral and diamond pattern.  Silver inlay vine pattern at the muzzle end.
The lock is fully functional and is absolutely beautiful !

 The overall condition of this musket is very fine and one of the nicest examples we have ever seen
from this period. Very even dark patina throughout with engraved trigger strap depicting stars and
flowers.  Additional images of silver inlaid inscription can be viewed by clicking  here .

Appraised Value  6000.00


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