Designed to be very easy to install !

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The unique alternative to our QD Mounts for those riflemen who may want to
 upgrade to Quick Disconnect at a later time or prefer a non removable system.

Utilizing the most versatile system in the world for the AR15 / M16 family of rifles.
A unique alternative to our QD mounts for those shooters who demand accuracy but do not want to invest
into the more expensive.  Can be retrofitted to the QD system at any time by simply purchasing the QD mount !

 Shown above on the AR15 - The mount   system features independent rings and our famous Under Rail
for total See thru to your irons. Unit functions flawlessly on any make or model AR15 and
M16 rifle or carbine (including all flat tops and handle models).

Package  includes  HITECH  Mil. Spec.  scope  of  choice  (with Low Light Bracketing)   -  Under  Rail
attachment  (most stable)  to  instantly mount to a AR or M16 handle (Under Rail not used on flat
top configurations)  - All instructions - A 500 yard trajectory map - A 500 yard range finding
map.  All Instructions plus a Life Time Warranty on all parts and labor !  Package includes
everything you need for your AR15 or M16 except the firearm.  Comes preassembled
as shown above and virtually fits them all including Colt and all other variants !

  Lowest profile system in the world for AR15 / M16 rifles.
  Patented design that is the core of ultimate precision.
Maintains less than 3/4 minute of angle accuracy at 100 yards/meters - Guaranteed!
(Upgrades to the more accurate Type 1 or Type 2 mount at any time by adding additional parts)
  All rings & mount units are shipped pre-assembled from our factory to assure you 100% satisfaction .
  Totally Unobstructed See thru View - to  iron sights for left & right shooting as well as "coming over the hill shots".

Complete Package includes everything needed  for a flat top and/or carry handle model AR15/M16 -
Includes Mil. Spec. Optical Unit pre-assembled with Rings & Mount and fully inspected and ready for use -

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