Never point your rifle toward a human being, including yourself.  Always comply with federal, state, and local
 ordinances  regarding use of firearms.

Treat all firearms as if they were loaded and keep all firearms under lock and key thus away from children! 

"Only you can prevent firearm accidents..."

Note: The large screw going through the mid portion of the wooden stock - left to right 
      This (Cross bolt) does not get removed or tampered with to disassemble the SKS rifle. 

Do not pound or pry on any part of the rifle! - tapping is permissible!

Follow these simple steps for complete disassembly and/or cleaning:

1. Turn the safety on and unload the rifle!  (Safety must be in the on position to properly
     remove and reinstall parts without damaging the rifle - especially the trigger group.

2. Clean the exterior of the rifle using WD-40 and toweling.  (WD-40 will not damage the
    wood on the SKS so use lots of WD-40 (Follow instructions on the can!))

3. Disassemble entire rifle - don't let this concern you - the entire rifle can come apart in
    less than one minute if done properly   (the first time, the rifle will be tight - go real
    slow and familiarize yourself with the rifle.)

4. Bolt must be in closed position - remove receiver cover by turning lever near the
    receiver cover counter-clockwise and then pull outward - remove bolt carrier, bolt 
    and spring.  Clean thoroughly with WD-40.

5. Take rifle and prop the muzzle of the barrel on the floor - making sure the safety is on
    or damage will occur!  With a Philips Head screwdriver or blunt tool, push on the
    small indentation  behind the trigger guard  until you hear a click or trigger housing
    lifts up slightly.

    Now remove the trigger group as one assembly by lifting it out of the rifle. Clean out
    any foreign matter (including grease) thoroughly with WD-40. 

6. Remove the standard magazine in the same manner as trigger group - it's not 
    necessary to unlock anything as the magazine removes at this stage by pulling
    downward. (Bolt must be open if still left in rifle) Clean all thoroughly with WD-40 
    to remove foreign matter.

7. Remove barrel and receiver from stock (bayonet unlocked) by pulling upward on
    receiver at the rear until barrel  and  receiver are at a 10 degree angle - then push 
    slightly forward toward the front of the rifle. (Magazine must be removed before 
    removing rifle stock) Make sure all foreign matter is cleaned out of the barrel!  Use

8. Remove gas tube and gas piston by rotating lever on rear sight block clockwise to
    the 12 O'Clock position.  Lift upward on the gas tube assembly from the rear without
    forcing it. (wiggling can help) Remove the gas piston from tube and clean with WD-40.

    The second piston (operating rod) (located in the rear sight housing) is removed by 
    rotating the same lever to approximately the 1 O'Clock position with your other hand
    covering this area - as the rod is spring loaded and will launch it's self when released
    off the table or bench. Clean with WD-40.

9.  Assemble rifle in reverse order,  taking note that the large screw going through the
    mid portion of the wooden stock (Cross bolt) does not ever get removed or tampered
    with. To reinstall trigger group, set rifle on flat table or bench up side down - position
    trigger group and once connected  forward  (safety must be on!) - "straight arm" push
    downward on trigger guard until you hear or "feel" it click into position. 

    Do not pound or pry on any part of the rifle! - tapping is permissible! The rifle may be 
    new -  and may be very tight. Take your time and clean thoroughly with WD-40.

- Read all instructions and warnings before using chemicals -